An air source heat pump unit extracts heat from the air at low temperatures, which is then absorbed into a fluid, compressed to increase the temperature, and used to heat homes and provide hot water.

Air to Air system produces warm air to heat the home

Air to Water system distributes heat via the wet central heating system.

Typical Requirements:
•Enough space to accommodate the unit
•A well-insulated home
•Off-gas properties will benefit most as their savings will be greater
•Preferable to combine with underfloor heating as this runs at a lower temperature than radiators

Cost: £6,000 – £12,000

Typical saving based on an average 4 bedroom house (off Gas) are between £550 and £1000 per year.

Qualifies for RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) of between £805 to £1280 per year, for 7 years.

Good to combine with Solar Thermal.