cavity-wall-insulation-smallInsulating an empty or part-filled cavity can lower domestic heating costs by up to 30% and is available free of charge under the Energy Company Obligation.

If you got cavity walls, take advantage of the free cavity wall insulation scheme and lower your heating costs.

Standard Cavities

Like loft insulation, cavity wall insulation cavity wall acts as a barrier to reduce heat escaping. If you live in a home that has a cavity wall, essentially two walls with a hollow space in the middle, then it’s a simple process to fill the gap with insulating material that traps heat. By filling that hollow space with insulation, hot air gets trapped making it harder for it to escape through the walls. Putting insulation in the space is quick to do and can be done from the outside of the house. With Green Energy Brokers, this is free of charge.

‘Hard To Treat’ Cavity Wall Insulation

Some walls with a cavity space in the middle aren’t easy to insulate. These include walls with quite a narrow space (less than 50mm) or properties that were built with some insulation already built into the cavity, usually Kingspan type board or poly blocks. These partial fill properties have usually been built after 1983. Partial Fill properties also qualify for free Cavity Insulation with Green Energy Brokers.

Why is it Free?

ECO Funding. The Energy Companies Obligation is an energy efficiency programme that was introduced into Great Britain at the beginning of 2013. ECO places legal obligations on the  big 6 energy companies to fund insulation works for free in order to meet their carbon reduction obligation as defined by the European directive. Their obligation must be met by 2020 in order to avoid substantial fines.

Green Energy brokers work closely with insulation providers who in turn access this funding, enabling you to have your home insulated for free. Contact us directly to book your free appointment with one of our surveyors and sign up for this scheme.


  • CWI provides a high level of thermal efficiency and saves fuel costs, fills the entire wall area that has been insulated and reduces condensation and black mould growth
  • All systems are BBA approved and come with a 25 year government backed CIGA guarantee.
  • Installation causes minimal disruption, reduces heat loss by up to 35% and takes a matter of hours to install
  • CWI is available free of charge under the ECO funding scheme for the majority of properties (subject to survey)

Email us at today to find out more about cavity wall insulation and to book a free appointment with one of our surveyors. Don’t miss out on free cavity wall insulation!