loft-insulationWe want to help all homes save energy and money and there are some really simple ways to do this. Loft insulation should be the first thing to look as heat travels upwards, so it’s no surprise to learn that a quarter of your house’s heat is lost through the roof.

If you don’t already have insulation here, fitting it can save a considerable amount of money and energy. The process of fitting it is simple, and usually involves laying a roll of quilted material called ‘mineral wool’ through the entire loft space, which in turn stops heat escaping.

Making sure the loft space is well insulated will keep heat inside your home for longer and your heating won’t need to be on as long. Many lofts are already insulated but could benefit from a top-up. If there is no insulation or the existing insulation is less than 150mm, you will qualify for new insulation. With Green Energy Brokers, this is free of charge.

Why is it Free?

ECO Funding: The Energy Companies Obligation is an energy efficiency programme that was introduced into Great Britain at the beginning of 2013. ECO places legal obligations on the big 6 energy companies to fund insulation works for free in order to meet their carbon reduction obligation as defined by the European Directive. Their obligation must be met by 2020 in order to avoid substantial fines.

Green Energy brokers work closely with insulation providers who in turn access this funding, enabling you to have your home insulated for free. Contact us directly to book your free appointment with one of our surveyors and sign up for this scheme.


  • Up to 25% of the heat generated in the average house can be lost through the loft space if it is not sufficiently insulated.
  • The recommended installation depth is 270mm (300mm for new build properties)
  • Lofts with an existing depth of up to 150mm can be topped-up under ECO.
  • For ECO funding to be granted the loft must be no more than 33% boarded.
  • Existing insulation must be yellow, pink insulation will not be accepted.
  • Existing insulation must not be cross-laid.
  • Any loft with a visible loft certificate dated after 1999 cannot be funded.
  • Customers must clear any belongings in the loft prior to installation.
  • It is not possible to lay over debris (eg. builders waste from new roof)
  • All systems are BBA approved.
  • Quick to install
  • Causes minimal disruption
  • A variety of materials can be used
  • All pipes and tanks are lagged
  • Ventilation in the loft is checked prior to install
  • Suitable for use in almost all loft areas where access will allow

Email us at today to find out more about loft insulation and to book a free appointment with one of our surveyors. Don’t miss out on free loft insulation!