A solar panel contains semiconductors which absorb light and create a flow of electrons which generate an electrical current. This is a Direct Current (DC) which is fed through an Inverter to become an Alternating Current (AC) which is used to power household appliances.Solar panels are fitted to South, South-East or South-West facing roof space. They require approximately 28sq metres of roof space. Smaller systems are available.


From £5995 (inc VAT) for a 4kW 16 panel system. Fully installed, fully guaranteed.

Competitive finance packages available.


Estimated 1st year return of £700

Estimated profit over 20 years of £6750

Qualifies for feed in tariff of 14.9p per kW used and 4.64p per kW send back to the Grid (index linked for 20 years)

Warranty on the panels = 10 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty.

Warranty on the inverter = 5 year standard with options up to 25 years available